Monday, August 31, 2009

So Crack Isn't a "Black" Drug?

This has been the summer of celebrity deaths. I was saddened and shocked to hear about the death of DJ AM last Friday. He survived obesity, a deadly plane crash, and I thought drug addiction. But according to a police source for the NY Daily News, the cops discovered DJ AM with a nearly empty bag of crack stuck to his chest. Wait, hold up. Crack? As in Pookie from New Jack City crack-cocaine? I thought crack was always a "black" drug. A cheap narcotic you could only find in the alleys or on the corners of the black ghettos ( I wonder why), not the suburbs. And definitely not on someone making crazy money like DJ AM, who commanded up to $25,000 to spin at a party. Even Whitney told Diane Sawyer in 2002 she she makes too much money to smoke crack. But crack isn't wack to all of the rich. In 2005, when DJ AM spoke to People magazine about battling his addiction to food and drugs he said, "I was the only fat crackhead in L.A. And last summer Oscar-winning actress Tatum O'Neal was arrested in New York for buying crack.
But think about it. There's always been racial disparities when it comes to the rock. Time magazine published an article on crack reform laws earlier this month. Time reports last year 80% of people with crack-related offenses were black. Ten percent were white. As for powder-cocaine offenders, more than 52% were Hispanic, roughly 30% were black and about 16% were white. Still, if you get busted pushin' rocks or using rocks, expect to spend a much longer sentence than those caught riding the white horse. Crack-cocaine violators spend an average of 115 months locked up compared to 91 months for powder-cocaine offenders. In other words black folks are doing more time then other people who commit the same crime. The only difference is the type of drug.

Why do I find white people using crack a bit intriguing? Well, in my neighborhood I've seen a few white crackheads lately, about about two or there. That doesn't seem like a lot but my neighborhood is predominately black and Mexican. It is slowly becoming gentrified. I wonder with gentrification if we'll see more white drug users turn to crack for their high. Also, I lost two wonderful uncles to the pipe. That stuff literally devours people's soul. Anyone that has a family member addicted to crack knows what I mean. When you see crack heads on the street, they look like walking corpses. Anything that would make a woman sell her body, even her baby, for a hit, has to be some powerful stuff. So when I heard this news about DJ AM it made me think of my own deceased uncles. I know people get addicted to drugs, sex, booze, food, whatever because they're trying to medicate emotional pains they just can't face on their on. Hopefully DJ AM got the peace he hungered for during his short 36 years on Earth.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Welcome Back Whitney

It's been seven years since Whitney Houston's powerful voice captivated our ears. If you're a real Whitney fan, it's been a rough seven years. We've watched her struggle through drug abuse and a turbulent to marriage to ex-husband Bobby Brown. Now Miss Whitney is back with her new album I Look To You. In an era of music where vocal skills or knowing how to lip sync are not required for a record deal (like this mess) I welcome Houston's return.

Executive producer Clive Davis brought out the "big guns" for this project--R. Kelly, Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, Diane Warren, David Foster and others. I listened to the album three times. Houston's voice is not the same. She still sounds good, but you can tell drugs and cigarettes have taken a toll on her vocals. I was also disappointed there wasn't an emotional ballad that blew me away--something along the likes of songs from Waiting to Exhale or Bodyguard soundtracks.

But don't count Whitney out. She captures you from the jump on the first track "Million Dollar Bill." Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats co-produced the funky tune, reminiscent of a 70s disco beat. Houston sings about fighting her demons in the title track "I LookTo You." R. Kelly wrote that song along with "Salute." "Salute" is one of those songs you play after getting rid of a man because you're tired of his mess. In it she refers to herself as a "soldier girl" and sings:

"Took me all of these years to realize that you don't belong here. I can do better. You say I'll never do better? Yeah, right. Whatever."

The song I keep replaying is "I Got You." Akon gave this song about unconditional love a chill sound with a hint of island beats.

I Look To You is not my favorite Whitney Houston album but it features good songs. Houston has a loyal fan base and I imagine she's going to sell a lot of copies when it hit shelves and iTunes. The record company pushed her album release date up to Monday Aug 31 so she can be in the running for a Grammy nod. Whether she wins or doesn't win a Grammy is not important to me. After the way Michael Jackson left us I'm happy Houston is still here, looking good, and singing again. We missed you Whitney. Welcome Back.

You can hear Whitney Houston's entire album on her website here. Or click on the picture below. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Set your DVRs! Whitney debuts on Good Morning America this coming Tuesday Sept. 1st and sits down with Oprah on Monday Sept. 14. Can't Wait!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Switch It Up!
No More Sitting at Black Dance Clubs
in Southern California

"Switch It Up" is a Cocoa Fly series encouraging women to step out of the box and think out of the box in their social lives.

"People don't dance no mo' all they do is this..."

--Goodie Mob

It's Saturday night. Hair and nails looking fly? Check. Outfit is fierce? Check. Ashy skin lotioned up? Check. You meet up with your girls at the club and they're looking hot too. You hand the cashier $20 to get in. The bouncer stamps your hand and you shoot straight for the bar.
"Lemon Drop please," you tell the bar tender.

Oh, hold up. The DJ is playing your song.

Only rapper to rewrite history without a pen,
No ID on the track let the story begin, begin, begin
This is anti autotune, death of the ringtone...

"Oooh, girl I'm loving this Jay Z joint."

There are hella females in the spot and not too many dudes. So you dance with your girls, for the next few songs. You spot a cutie but hands off, he's with a date. The other guys on the floor have dance partners. A few more dudes trickle in, but they don't ask any women to dance. Those guys form a circle and dance with each other. Bobbing their heads to the beat and busting out a few moves. They'll give each other fist pounds if someone in the group does a really, cool move. Hmmmm, why would a group of men dance in a circle with each other and not other women? You and 50 other women sit against the club walls waiting for someone to ask you to dance. Hopefully, you'll get to do some Chicago Steppin' with at least one guy tonight. Maybe there's someone at the bar? You wait, and wait, then rock to the music in your seat. If you're lucky maybe two or three guys will ask you to dance tonight. Otherwise, you check your cellphone constantly for the time and text your friends at home that they weren't missing anything tonight because the sh*t is whack. Or you lie and tell them it was off the chain and they should have been there. Then you turn to your girls and start people watching. That gets old quick. The DJ throws on a slow jam and announces last call for alcohol. Once again you've wasted your time and money going to a dance club just to sit. You and your girls decide to leave. Now it's time for the best part of the night, IHOP.

This ladies and gents is my beef with SOME black clubs in Southern California. The male/female ratio sucks and a lot of the guys don't want to dance. I still don't know what' s up with the dudes dancing in circles. Next time I'll give them a Wendy Williams, "How you doin'?" The story is different when I party at majority black clubs in places like New York, Atlanta or Chicago. The men outside of So. Cal have a different swagger. Brothas there are constantly asking me to dance. By the end of the night my clothes are soaked in sweat and my feet are throbbing. But I could run a marathon after "dancing" in some So. Cal black clubs. I remember asking this one brotha why the guys out here don't ask girls to dance. He immediately answered, "Because you're supposed to ask us." Well, guess what I decided to do? That's right, I Switched. It. Up!

In my college days there was no way in the world I would roll to a club that wasn't mostly black. That was mainly because back then the diverse spots hardly played hip hop music. My thinking changed in grad school. I began hanging out with various people and we partied in Santa Monica, Hollywood, Redondo Beach, etc. These places were racially mixed and the men asked me to dance. Brothas, Latinos, Asian, white etc. they all asked me to dance. Since hip hop is popular now, the DJs in the diverse clubs played the same songs I hear in the black clubs. Don't tell anyone but, those spots are cheaper than the black spots. Many times I don't pay an entrance fee.

I haven't totally abandoned black clubs in So. Cal. It's just rare when I go to any. Some of my friends didn't agree with my change in venue. After I convinced them to come with me, they've had a change of heart. Others are still sitting against the club walls texting folks.

I'm not telling people to stop dancing at black clubs. I'm just sharing how I challenged myself to go outside of my comfort zone for some fun. That's what the "Switch It Up" series is all about. As for you Cocoa Fly reader, learn new dances. Go to a salsa club with your friends. If you don't know how to salsa, TRUST ME, the men there will be more than happy to show you. Shout out to Mango's in Miami Beach. We don't always have to drop it like it's hot to have fun. Also try learning African dance, jazz, belly dancing even ballroom dancing. Explore different rhythms and ways your body can move to music. Switch it up!

Photo Credits:
Photo by Malick Sidibe

The Lion Rests
Sen. Edward Kennedy 1932-2009

We've lost another legend this summer. Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts died at his home late Tuesday night. He was 77. Sen. Kennedy had been battling brain cancer since his diagnosis in 2008. He was one of the most influential U.S. senators, so that colleagues nicknamed the Democrat "The Lion of the Senate." If you ever watched Sen. Kennedy in action on the floor or at a rally, he was not one to hold his tongue. Whether you agreed with or loathed his left-wing opinions, he made politics interesting.

What a horrible month for the Kennedy family. They just lost Eunice Kennedy Shriver two weeks ago. Eunice was Edward's sister and Maria Shriver's mother. Following the assassination of his brothers JFK and Bobby Kennedy back in the 60s, Sen. Kennedy took on the patriarchal role in the family.
The man hasn't been dead 24 hours and the media are already questioning who will continue the legacy of the Kennedy political powerhouse. Read about that here. Health care reform was one of Sen. Kennedy's political passions. How ironic he died when the country is possibly on the brink of having universal health care.

I'm a politics junkie so my memories of Sen. Kennedy will be watching him play hardball on the Senate floor during debates. Sometimes I turn to C-Span to watch Congress in session and I would pause a little longer when Sen. Kennedy had the mic. Also, he played a major role in the election of the first black U.S. President.

For more details on Sen. Kennedy's life check out:

Washington Post

Monday, August 24, 2009

Switch It Up!
So I Went Speed Dating The Other Day...

"Switch It Up" is a Cocoa Fly series encouraging women to step out of the box and think out of the box.

Girl there ain't no men out there....

I haven't had that discussion with my girlfriends since........ 5 minutes ago. Why aren't we meeting men? Maybe it's time to Switch It Up and try a different approach to get some lovin'. But first, my disclaimer. I'm not a relationship expert and and I'm single. Hey, a sista had to get over a broken heart and figure out her career goals. My heart is healed and my goals are set. Time to get back in the game. While I'm not in a relationship at the moment I do meet people. Through these posts I'm sharing ways I to get out there and socialize.

I became bored with the same social spots, meeting the same guys with the same lines. "Hey girl, you single?" Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnn. The 10 women:1 man ratio at some of these spots was ridiculous. What were the chances I would meet my fantasy? An LL Cool J lookalike with a college degree who shares my love for ancient Egypt artifacts and watching "Family Guy." Okay, he doesn't have to look like LL Cool J but it doesn't hurt to put that energy out there.

Recently I joined a speed dating group through I love this website and will blog about it later in this series. I didn't think about what my friends, family or peers would think. I just did it. That's the key to switching it up. You can't worry about what other people will think or say. It's your life. Many times those same people who call you crazy for doing something different are the ones at home, bored or haven't had a decent date since "227" was on air. While you're left at home confining yourself in a box to please others. Girl, you've got to live your life.

This weekend, I lost my speed dating virginity so to speak. The event was free and in a park. I went by myself and met about 30 or so guys. Actually, quite a few women come without girlfriends. And guess what? THE MEN OUTNUMBERED THE WOMEN. Have mercy! Occupations of the men ranged from educators to a NASA scientist. Some of the guys were really, really cute (especially the French Canadian with sexy boy-next-door swagger). Most of the guys were average looking. That's fine with me because I don't get caught up in looks. He doesn't have to look like a GQ model but he must treat me right.

We only had 2 1/2 minutes to get to know each other. That was the hard part. How do you size-up someone with 2 1/2 minutes of conversation? I based my decisions on age, chemistry and if he was doing something positive in his life. I figured I'd get to the heavy vetting on a date. If I checked yes on my form for a guy and he checked yes for me it's a match. After the event the organizers collected our paper work. They gave the men our contact info if there was a match. I've been contacted and I'll leave it at that. I can' t tell ya'll all of my business. LOL.

The event lasted two hours. It was fun and refreshing to meet new people. Later on I told my friends and mother about my little adventure. Moms and my friend called me "bold." Look, unless something pops off between you and the UPS man, you're not going to meet anyone staying in the house. As mom says "Life is to be lived!"

Now some of you may not have done this because: I couldn't find a friend "bold" enough to go with me; the event was outside of my community; most of the people there weren't black and the only person I knew there was me. I understand if any of these situations would make you feel uncomfortable. However, I had fun and may be going on a date soon. That could be you.

How I Switched It Up:
--Stepped out of my comfort zone by attending an event located outside of my community
--Didn't allow what others may think stop me.
--Opened my mind.

So tell me have you gone speed dating? Did you like it? If you haven't gone speed dating would you do it? Why?

Switch It Up!
Taking the First Step Out of the Box

Ladies it's time to switch it up and step out of that confining box...

Anyone close to me knows I'm open to new things. The recession along with turning 30 has pushed me to switch up my activities. It's been a year and I'm still looking for full time work. With money tight I can't kick it at concerts, clubs, sorority events, fashion shows and fundraisers like I used to. Ahhh the good ol' days. However, that doesn't mean the party's over. This is just the remix. Now it's time for new, fun and affordable things to do.
When I first moved to LA I was hitting the club/party scene hard. Parking, entrance fees and drinks add up. Lately I've been taking advantage of what daytime Los Angeles has to offer and checking out more affordable parties. Since turning 30, I'm ready to explore other things.

Sometimes we don't step out of our comfort zone and try new things. For my black sistas, I've noticed how SOME of us are resistant to stepping out of the black community box to try something new. I'm not talking about interracial dating. I'm talking about diversifying your social life. For example, buying a bicycle and riding near the beach, scuba diving, joining a hiking or movie club, attending a free Brazilian concert, rolling with the girls to a Greek Festival (not black fraternity/sorority Greek). We spend so much money on our hair, nails and getting cute for the club (you know I'm telling the truth) why not put some of that money toward an activity that may last more than 2 weeks or one night? I'm not saying all black people do "black" things. However, if you step out of the box when it comes to your active life you never know what pleasures or men you may discover. I'm just saying......

This week I'm writing a series of posts called "Switch It Up." In other words, girl dare to do something different. Think about it. If sistas like Tina Turner, Grace Jones, the Williams Sisters, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Rihanna kept it traditional with music, sports and fashion they wouldn't be hot today. I'm not saying stop attending church picnics, sorority conferences, Jamie Foxx concerts, Chicago Step parties, etc. I still go to those events. For those who say there's nothing going on when they're tired of the same club or there's no parties that weekend....Girl, the world is your playground. There are swings, slides and monkey bars. Don't just play in the sandbox. Switch it up!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Suspect in Dae'von Bailey Case Arrested

Remember little Dae'Von Bailey? The 6-year-old boy was found beaten to death in his South LA home last month. This was after complaining numerous times to county social workers he was being abused. Police have been on the hunt for suspect Marcus Fisher, Dae'Von's mamma's ex-boyfriend. Praise God police found Fisher in Las Vegas. The LA Times reports Fisher was hiding out with his girlfriend. That's his picture you see. He was disguised in a dreadlocks wig, but police followed his drug-buying trail over time and nabbed him. But's what's up with the girlfriend? Why would any woman want to protect a man who is a suspect for killing a kindergartner? Lady, you want a man that bad? The LA Times summarized a report of the crime scene:

"The report said [Dae'Von Bailey] had multiple bruises in different stages of healing on his face, arm and head. He had multiple cuts to his chest and back and multiple small cuts to both feet and the top of both feet below the ankle.The boy's 5-year-old sister was in the home and apparently witnessed his death and was with Dae'von's body without any adults present for more than an hour, relatives said."

But there's a good part to this story Cocoa Fly readers. You see, Dae'Von's mother, Tylette Davis, 28 said she can " sleep better at night now" because Fisher is captured. Davis left Dae'Von in Fisher's care because she couldn't take care of him or her 5-year-old daughter. Actually, there have been a dozen abuse and neglect charges against Davis' family since 1999. But thank the heavens because NOW, Tylette can get some rest. I wonder if Dae'Von ever had a good-night's

Read more of the story in the LA Times.

Wendy Williams
The New Daytime Diva

Are ya'll hooked like I am? I love, love LOVE "The Wendy Williams Show." Hollywood should have given this sista a talk show years ago. But better late than never. Wendy's show is fun, juicy and real. I can't get enough of the celebrity gossip in her Hot Topics segment. The pink and leopard print stage is a girly-girl's heaven. Inviting her co-hosts, the studio audience, to give input on Hot Topics was a smart move. It gives the show a community feel. And Wendy keeps it real about herself. Wigs, hot flashes, plastic surgery --the girl is not afraid to be herself and I love it! Tuesday she broke down and cried during her "Ask Wendy" segment when an audience member wanted advice on her weight issues. Wendy spoke on her current struggle with weight and how she has learned to embracie her tall frame.
Daytime TV Wendy is different from shock-jock radio Wendy. A lot of people criticized her raw radio program "The Wendy Williams Experience." Stars like Method Man and Will Smith have accused her of starting rumors and stirring the pot so to speak. Don't forget her notorious interview with Whitney Houston back in 2003. But it appears she's left her raw-radio style behind. Well, most of her raw style. Wendy's still on top of the gossip, but not ripping into celebrities as much. I'm happy for Wendy because having a show was a dream of hers and I can tell she's enjoying every minute. From the diva fan to the fly clothes she wears daily, fans are enjoying every minute with her.

Wendy Williams' television show is going to catapult her career big time. I predict she's going to gain some serious, serious star power. Wendy, rock those blond wigs all the way to the bank sista. Oh and by the way. Girl, how you doin'?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Disturbing Black Hair Video

I almost didn't blog about this video but it made me sick. I learned of it from NPR's "Tell Me More" blog. I remember getting my hair "combed out" after my grandmother washed it and got it ready for a press. It wasn't fun, but it wasn't brutal like what is shown above. What I see in this video is abuse and Youtube should remove it. I flagged it on You Tube for "inappropriate content." The woman is swearing at the little girl and using the F-word when the child is yelling for her to stop tearing through her hair. I'm not sure of the relationship between the woman and the girl. And I feel like she's combing the girl's hair with hatred. Why is this child being punished for having nappy hair? The person recording the video has the nerve to laugh while this little girl is getting tortured. Instead of putting the child down for her hair texture why not make her feel beautiful? Tell her how her hair soft feels when it's bushy. Sing to her as you GENTLY comb through it. Compliment the girl about the smell of her hair when you oil her scalp. Compare her hair to the color of honey or light brown sugar. Make her feel good about herself. But I guess this woman couldn't do that because tugs and insults make more sense.

My grandmother never pulled and tugged on my head like what that child is enduring. This was BEFORE my grandma learned of detangler (thank the Lord for Hawaiin Silky). I can only imagine the psychological scars this child will have. This is that self-hate I was talking about in the Tameka Raymond post below. Black folks, we need to get over our hair issues and the woman in the video is heartless. Black, white, brown, yellow and pink people--don't have children or take care of them if you don't want to be bothered.

I'm all for free speech and I love YouTube. However, when a child is screaming and being yelled out on a video, that' s a problem. If you're registered on YouTube and have an issue with this video go to their website by clicking here and right under the video click the flag. I couldn't find an alternative way to contact YouTube about inappropriate material if you're not registered on the site. Maybe you can find something here. I've seen people brush their dog' s fur with more care. Sick, sick, sickening.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tameka Raymond Speaks On It

If you haven't heard, Usher's soon to be ex-wife Tameka Raymond has spoken, well written. She penned a piece about her inner struggles as a dark-skinned black woman for the Huffington Post. It's titled "She's Pretty for a Dark Skinned Girl." Raymond addressed her haters and how they dissed her because of her age and skin complexion. She wrote:

"In fact, I have read similar comments about myself that I am 'dark, aggressive, bossy and bitchy.' It has been stated that my husband should have been with a "younger, more beautiful" woman. Astoundingly, the majority of the remarks come from African-American women and are mimicked by others. Sadly enough, I don't know nor have I met 99% of those making these assertions."

I've blogged about the vicious remarks people have said about Tameka Raymond. The critics were so nasty one would've thought Tameka was sleeping with their men. I've read things about her and wanted to say to the writer, "What did Tameka do to you?" I know we as women can be catty, but damn. When sistas are dissing another sista because of her age and skin complexion--that's sad. No, that's self-hatred. Black people, we need to move past our color complex issues.

Tameka is an attractive woman and I give her props for snagging a younger, handsome man. I don't hate on people like her. I take notes. No, the marriage didn't work. However, she must have done something right in the beginning to cause Usher to put a ring on it. Plus she's a celebrity stylist. She seems to have a lot going for herself. After all, she is from Oakland. ;)

Raymond was even open about her near-death experience in Brazil where she planned to get cosmetic surgery. She said:

"...while on vacation in Brazil I decided to undergo tummy lipo-surgery. After having an allergic reaction to the anesthesia, I went into cardiac arrest before the procedure ever began. I nearly lost my life over something as superficial as having a flatter mid-section and trying to adapt to society's traditional definition of beauty. As I nursed my psychological wounds, I began to realize that trying to live up to the prototypes of external beauty paled in comparison to the fact that I have undergone labor, subsequently being blessed to raise five handsome, smart, healthy, intuitive, and happy children."

Tameka was buying into the status quo and her haters. It nearly cost her life. But I applaud her for being honest about her insecurities and facing them. I know how she feels. I was teased in elementary and middle school because of my dark skin by black students in my class. Some of them were darker than me. As I grew, they told me I was pretty for a dark skinned girl. I prayed I would wake up with skin like Halle Berry or Vanessa Williams. Then I grew to love myself and my chocolate skin. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Hopefully Tameka Raymond feels the same.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Catch My NPR Story About
An Interracial Dating Seminar for Black Women

Finally, my story on black women and interracial dating for NPR's "All Things Considered" is done! It aired Tuesday. You can listen to the story below. I've wanted to do a story on this for a while now. The piece is about an interracial dating seminar for black women called "The Black Girls Guide to Interracial Dating." Fleace Weaver created the seminar. She's founder and CEO of and

With just a week of advertisement more than 120 women attended the event in Culver City, CA. I was impressed with the high turnout but at the same time not surprised. When I told my soror whom I'll call Professor C about the number of people that showed up she laughed slightly and said, "Girl, a lot of sistas are lonely." This story is like a sign of the times. With Weaver's seminar and blogs like Black Female Interracial Marriage or Date a White Guy, it seems like many sistas are tired of singlehood and want to venture out. Since more black men and women are "down with the swirl," could this time be a major turning point in the African-American community? Will there be less racial loyalty to the black race if more black women and men are dating outside of the box? What kind of impact will this have on black female and black male relations in the future? These are just questions I'm throwing out.

Back to the seminar, it was very interesting. I held my tongue a few times because I had on my journalism hat. Observe and record mode for me only. Some of the attendees date interracially and came to check out the seminar for fun. Others have never dated outside of their race and curiosity brought them to the event. One woman I spoke with was a bit uncomfortable. Of course, she wouldn't let me record her. She's single and feels like dating an non-black man was like selling out. One woman told me she didn't identify with the black women on the panel and wasn't convinced to date interracially. Other women I spoke with enjoyed the program, wanted to mingle with the male panelists (white, Latino, Asian) and give interracial dating a try.

One of the questions that continued to come up was "How do I know if a non-black man likes me?" The men told them if he gives you eye contact, smile, says hi, etc. he's digging you. They wanted to know if non-black men have the same swagger some brothas do when approaching a woman. The panelists again said smiling, eye contact, saying hi--all good signs. I think we may have been stuck on this question, because some women in the audience couldn't make the connection that non-black men are attracted to black women. And some women weren't sure if a non-black man wanted to date them because of the stereotype of black women as being hypersexual. If I weren't covering the seminar I would've asked the white men what do they say to their black girlfriends/wives if they vent about a racist experience. Remember that scene at the grocery store in the movie Something New?

All in all, a very interesting day. Weaver says she's taking the seminar on the road to Chicago, Atlanta and NYC later this year. Don't forget to listen to the story below and feel free to speak your mind. Check back in a few days because I will post interviews from the seminar that didn't make the cut.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

N.Y.C. 99 Cents Lipstick...Priceless!

My mother always says, "When you leave the house, at least have on some lipstick and a pair of earrings." I'd like to add underwear to that advice too. This is not a beauty blog but I must say I'm in love with N.Y.C. Ultra Moist LipWear #320 Mahogany. I stumbled upon it while working on a story in San Diego. I left my lip gloss in LA. I swooped to a CVS and ya'll know a sista is on a budget. I just needed something to last me through the day. I didn't want to spend too much money. There was no Wet N' Wild at the store (are they still around?). So I picked up this #320 Mahogany for $ 0.99. It's a great shade for my sistas with a chocolate complexion. That's not the color to the left. It looks more like a raisin color. I love it. My black and brown readers know how hard it can be to find colors for our complexion. It's much easier today than when my mom's generation was growing up. Thanks to companies like Fashion Fair. Still, when you find a color you like, stock up.

I've been scouring LA for another stick because I know how companies discontinue colors. I've hit up Target, Rite Aid, CVS and they're sold out of my Mahogany. Grrrrr. But, I'm not giving up. Maybe I'll find it in a neighborhood where there aren't many mahogany-colored people *wink, wink.* West Hollywood Rite Aid, here I come.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

See What Happened Was....

Sorry I've been ghost this week. I'm working on a story that I hope will air early next week. I'll let you know when it does air. I can't say what the story is about but I'll give a little clue with the video below. Also I'll be posting some photos from an album release party for Frankie Beverly and Maze. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend. Don't forget to check out the clue below.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tramaine Hawkins "Changed"

Tramaine Hawkins is one of my favorite gospel singers. Not only because she is from the Bay like moi, but the sista can SANG. Hawkins performed this version of "Changed" back in 1990 for her Tramaine Hawkins Live album. I think this concert took place at the Paramount Theater in Oakland. The album earned her a much-deserved Grammy. Watch the video below and you'll see why. Have a blessed day and week Cocoa Fly Readers.


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