O.J. Simpson Trial Life

Collage of Jenee Darden, Chris Darden, Sterling K. Brown and model
Clockwise: My father and I around the time of the trial in my high school gym, me today
that little girl is supposed to be me on the miniseries, actor Sterling K. Brown
who played my father in the miniseries. 

Hi!  I'm Jenee Darden. My father is former O.J. Simpson prosecutor Christopher Darden aka The Bald Headed Dude from the O.J. Trial aka That Guy That Looks Like Tommy from Martin

During the original run of The People v. O.J. Simpson I publicly disclosed that I was my father's oldest daughter, and shared how the trial impacted me. I was 15 during the trial. A lot of stuff went down in my personal life and my family's life as a result of the trial. I shared some of my story because the public didn't know how the O.J. Trial affected the families of high-profile figures involved.

During the airing of The People v. O.J. Simpson, I posted a review of each episode with my thoughts on what was real and was made for T.V. Here are links to my posts on the series along with interviews I did about the trial. Thanks for reading! 

Jenee Darden as a toddler sitting in dad Christopher Darden's lap

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