My First Book 'When A Purple Rose Blooms' is Available NOW

I am beyond excited to announce that my FIRST book When a Purple Rose Blooms is available!! You can order copies directly from my publisher Nomadic Press. Order here
The book is a collection of essays and poetry about my experiences with black womanhood. There's lots of humor, pain, and love on every page. This book wrote itself. I had no intention of releasing a book of poetry and essays, but when I saw how much I've written over the last 20 years I thought, "why not?" and went for it. 
The book launch is tonight, 7pm at the Oakland Peace Center. I will be launching my book along with 6 other new writers to Nomadic Press. I'm in great, literary company. 
Thank you to every person who has read this blog over the years, attended my readings, listened to my radio stories or read my articles. Thank you for your support. I hope you enjoy the book! 

Switch It Up!
Taking the First Step Out of the Box

Ladies it's time to switch it up and step out of that confining box...

Anyone close to me knows I'm open to new things. The recession along with turning 30 has pushed me to switch up my activities. It's been a year and I'm still looking for full time work. With money tight I can't kick it at concerts, clubs, sorority events, fashion shows and fundraisers like I used to. Ahhh the good ol' days. However, that doesn't mean the party's over. This is just the remix. Now it's time for new, fun and affordable things to do.
When I first moved to LA I was hitting the club/party scene hard. Parking, entrance fees and drinks add up. Lately I've been taking advantage of what daytime Los Angeles has to offer and checking out more affordable parties. Since turning 30, I'm ready to explore other things.

Sometimes we don't step out of our comfort zone and try new things. For my black sistas, I've noticed how SOME of us are resistant to stepping out of the black community box to try something new. I'm not talking about interracial dating. I'm talking about diversifying your social life. For example, buying a bicycle and riding near the beach, scuba diving, joining a hiking or movie club, attending a free Brazilian concert, rolling with the girls to a Greek Festival (not black fraternity/sorority Greek). We spend so much money on our hair, nails and getting cute for the club (you know I'm telling the truth) why not put some of that money toward an activity that may last more than 2 weeks or one night? I'm not saying all black people do "black" things. However, if you step out of the box when it comes to your active life you never know what pleasures or men you may discover. I'm just saying......

This week I'm writing a series of posts called "Switch It Up." In other words, girl dare to do something different. Think about it. If sistas like Tina Turner, Grace Jones, the Williams Sisters, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Rihanna kept it traditional with music, sports and fashion they wouldn't be hot today. I'm not saying stop attending church picnics, sorority conferences, Jamie Foxx concerts, Chicago Step parties, etc. I still go to those events. For those who say there's nothing going on when they're tired of the same club or there's no parties that weekend....Girl, the world is your playground. There are swings, slides and monkey bars. Don't just play in the sandbox. Switch it up!

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