Starting Your Dreams Later In Life and Embracing the Detour

Jenee Darden speaking at Creative Mornings I know it's been a while since I've posted anything but that's because of my job. I'm working as a reporter covering Oakland and I host an arts segment on the radio where I get to interview amazing artists from around the Bay Area. Plus I'm publicizing my book  and building my speaking career!  You know what's funny? I thought this would all happen by the time I was 27-30.  Nope. That wasn't God's plan for me. I'm finally beginning to do the things I've wanted to do and I'm almost 40 years old. Some people reading this who are 40 will say 40 is still young. But some younger people reading may think 40 is nearly ancient. But I'm writing this post for those who like me, thought their career and personal dreams would come true much early in life. I'm here to tell you not to give up.  You know, death inspires life. A number of my relatives and friends have passed away, ranging in

Disturbing Black Hair Video

I almost didn't blog about this video but it made me sick. I learned of it from NPR's "Tell Me More" blog. I remember getting my hair "combed out" after my grandmother washed it and got it ready for a press. It wasn't fun, but it wasn't brutal like what is shown above. What I see in this video is abuse and Youtube should remove it. I flagged it on You Tube for "inappropriate content." The woman is swearing at the little girl and using the F-word when the child is yelling for her to stop tearing through her hair. I'm not sure of the relationship between the woman and the girl. And I feel like she's combing the girl's hair with hatred. Why is this child being punished for having nappy hair? The person recording the video has the nerve to laugh while this little girl is getting tortured. Instead of putting the child down for her hair texture why not make her feel beautiful? Tell her how her hair soft feels when it's bushy. Sing to her as you GENTLY comb through it. Compliment the girl about the smell of her hair when you oil her scalp. Compare her hair to the color of honey or light brown sugar. Make her feel good about herself. But I guess this woman couldn't do that because tugs and insults make more sense.

My grandmother never pulled and tugged on my head like what that child is enduring. This was BEFORE my grandma learned of detangler (thank the Lord for Hawaiin Silky). I can only imagine the psychological scars this child will have. This is that self-hate I was talking about in the Tameka Raymond post below. Black folks, we need to get over our hair issues and the woman in the video is heartless. Black, white, brown, yellow and pink people--don't have children or take care of them if you don't want to be bothered.

I'm all for free speech and I love YouTube. However, when a child is screaming and being yelled out on a video, that' s a problem. If you're registered on YouTube and have an issue with this video go to their website by clicking here and right under the video click the flag. I couldn't find an alternative way to contact YouTube about inappropriate material if you're not registered on the site. Maybe you can find something here. I've seen people brush their dog' s fur with more care. Sick, sick, sickening.