I'm Speaking at Creative Mornings in Oakland!

UPDATE: Watch my speech below!

***Listen to my podcast about anxiety***

This Friday, Jan 26th I will be speaking about living with anxiety challenges and mental health for Creative Mornings. I HATE anxiety. Hate it. But my love for stopping mental health stigma by sharing my story is stronger. I'll also talk about facing our normal, everyday anxieties.

Registration opens this Monday at 11am. They go quick so make sure you sign up ASAP.

N.Y.C. 99 Cents Lipstick...Priceless!

My mother always says, "When you leave the house, at least have on some lipstick and a pair of earrings." I'd like to add underwear to that advice too. This is not a beauty blog but I must say I'm in love with N.Y.C. Ultra Moist LipWear #320 Mahogany. I stumbled upon it while working on a story in San Diego. I left my lip gloss in LA. I swooped to a CVS and ya'll know a sista is on a budget. I just needed something to last me through the day. I didn't want to spend too much money. There was no Wet N' Wild at the store (are they still around?). So I picked up this #320 Mahogany for $ 0.99. It's a great shade for my sistas with a chocolate complexion. That's not the color to the left. It looks more like a raisin color. I love it. My black and brown readers know how hard it can be to find colors for our complexion. It's much easier today than when my mom's generation was growing up. Thanks to companies like Fashion Fair. Still, when you find a color you like, stock up.

I've been scouring LA for another stick because I know how companies discontinue colors. I've hit up Target, Rite Aid, CVS and they're sold out of my Mahogany. Grrrrr. But, I'm not giving up. Maybe I'll find it in a neighborhood where there aren't many mahogany-colored people *wink, wink.* West Hollywood Rite Aid, here I come.


  1. Thanks for the laugh on the lipstick. It's been a rough day, and I needed a chuckle. I might have to try that lipstick because it is hard for chocolate sista's to find a shade the complements our complexion.

  2. @ Anonymous
    It is hard. Glad you enjoyed the piece.


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