Public Speaking

Jenee Darden speaking at podium.
Jenee Darden gives an acceptance speech for her New America Media Award
 at KQED in San Francisco. 

Award-winning journalist Jenee Darden is available for public speaking. Ms. Darden has been a  graduation keynote speaker and presented at national conferences. Her work and personal story have reached people around the world. Read her bio here.

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Jenee Darden's speaker's sheet

Ms. Darden speaks about:

- Life Lessons After the O.J. Simpson Trial
-Mental Health
-Women's Empowerment
-African-American Women's Issues
-Black Sexuality and Erotica
-Challenging Yourself to "Switch It Up" and Improve Your Life

Watch/Listen to Jenee Darden:

Life During the O.J. Simpson Trial as a Teen

Acceptance Speech for New America Media Award

Acceptance Speech for POCC/Alameda County Media Award

Behind the Scenes of Mental Health and Wellness Radio

Dream Big and Live It Up!

Interview with Swirling author Christelyn Karazin

Mental Health and Wellness Radio
*also available on iTunes*

Interviewed on the "Blogatique with Ananda Leeke" show

Get Social! Using Social Media to Advance Your Mission, Raise Awareness
and Provide Peer Support
*Ms. Darden's webinar presentation begins at 20:02*