Macy Gray's Message to Women: Give Love to Yourself and B.O.B.

Macy Gray
Source: Instagram

For the entire month of November I'm bringing you my Black Women &  Sexual Empowerment series. Follow at #BlackWomenSexuality.

This 30-day #NaBloPoMo challenge is no joke! It's just Day 5 but I'm having a lot of fun. Happy Friday! Today I'm giving a shout out to Macy Gray. Macy has made a loving song about her vibrator named B.O.B. This stands for Battery Operated Boyfriend. 

I don't know why women have a hard time discussing masturbation. It's safe. It's healthy. It feels gooooood. And you learn a lot about your body. I think it makes intercourse even more pleasurable because you learn how to control vaginal muscles. 

Macy Gray wrote this song to encourage women to embrace self-pleasure. B.O.B.s can also be used with other lovers. Cosmo has a great post on this. 

Read more about Macy Gray and this song here. Take time to give yourself some love this weekend.