We Are Because You Were
Dr. Dorothy Height 1912-2010

We are free, because you were not afraid to fight.

We are scholars, because you were passionate about equality in education.

We are lawyers, entrepreneurs, doctors, writers, scientists and more, because you were about the advancement of women.

We are powerful and beautiful because you were a warrior that had style (work that hat sista) and heart.

We are First Lady and one day POTUS, because you marched on Washington and met with presidents to demand change.

We have civil rights, because you were a leader of the movement.

We are praying for your family, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and the NCNW, because you were their gem, their sister, their leader.

We are not going to stop striving for justice, because you were a woman who didn't know the word "surrender."

We are here, because you were fearlessly, woman.

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  1. I owe much to Ms. Height, not just because of her accomplishments in the Civil Rights Movement and with the National Council of Negro Women. I met Dorothy Height my senior year of high school, and she wrote a letter of recommendation for me to attend college. She was a wonderful woman who left an enduring legacy.

  2. @ Erika--That's a powerful letter of rec. Do you have a copy of it?

    She was a wonderful woman. Thanks for sharing your experience.


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