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This Friday, Jan 26th I will be speaking about living with anxiety challenges and mental health for Creative Mornings. I HATE anxiety. Hate it. But my love for stopping mental health stigma by sharing my story is stronger. I'll also talk about facing our normal, everyday anxieties.

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Rest In Peace Guru of Gang Starr and
Designing Women's Dixie Carter

Dixie Carter
I've been meaning to say something about Dixie Carter. As you may know she died a few weeks ago from a form of uterine cancer, according to Entertainment Tonight. I loved, loved, loved Dixie Carter on Designing Women. Her character Julia Sugarbaker is one of those female characters from my girlhood I would watch and think, "I want to be just like her." She was sassy, funny, smart, strong, pretty and her own boss. Oooh, but don't make her mad. Julia's best moments was when she had to check someone and tell them off. No one can give a tongue lashing like Dixie Carter's character. What's interesting is that Carter reportedly was opposite from the liberal Julia and believed more in conservative right-wing values and politics. That's good acting. Carter was 70.

Hollywood lost a Southern belle and a Starr has fallen in hip hop. I can't believe Gang Starr's Guru is gone. When he went into the hospital a few months ago, reports made it seem like he was recovering. But Guru was reportedly battling cancer. So sad. I grew up listening to group Gang Starr and always put him in the category of real hip hop. Not like this fast food, microwave popcorn mess that's out today. Guru was innovative and took a chance by combining rap and hip hop in his music. CNN reports he was only 43.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I adored Guru. He was all I listened to while in High-School. His fusion of Hip-Hop and Jazz was amazing. He was innovative and a class act [Which is more than I can say about these current Negroes..] He will be missed. <3

  2. @ Nicole-- There's a unique sadness I feel when an artist from my generation passes away. It's like losing a piece of the past. I don't know if that makes sense. When he died I thought about how popular rappers today aren't, like you say, innovative or a class act. They're mass produced "artists." They all rap about sex and money, they all sound the same, their videos look the same. And Guru's death also symbolizes how REAL hip hop is dying. Thanks for your comment Nicole.


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