Handling Her Business: Women Entrepreneurs on Cocoa Fly

by Jenee Darden

Kelechi Anyadiegwu, Lisa Lou Who, Toni Carey

In this social media age, people are starting businesses and making money in unique ways. For this podcast episode of Cocoa Fly, I interview women entrepreneurs who are handling their business.

Zuvaa founder Kelechi Anyadiegwu turned a $500 investment into a $2 million dollar traveling African fashion marketplace.  I met cosplayer Lisa Lou Who at San Francisco Comic Con last year. She's is in the business of bringing our favorite characters to life through costumes. Black Girls Run co-founder Toni Carey talks about how her organization is making a difference. Black Girls Run is partnering with Lexus for the upcoming Lexus LaceUp Running Series in Orange County, California.

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