My First Book 'When A Purple Rose Blooms' is Available NOW

I am beyond excited to announce that my FIRST book When a Purple Rose Blooms is available!! You can order copies directly from my publisher Nomadic Press. Order here
The book is a collection of essays and poetry about my experiences with black womanhood. There's lots of humor, pain, and love on every page. This book wrote itself. I had no intention of releasing a book of poetry and essays, but when I saw how much I've written over the last 20 years I thought, "why not?" and went for it. 
The book launch is tonight, 7pm at the Oakland Peace Center. I will be launching my book along with 6 other new writers to Nomadic Press. I'm in great, literary company. 
Thank you to every person who has read this blog over the years, attended my readings, listened to my radio stories or read my articles. Thank you for your support. I hope you enjoy the book! 

I Don't Want a Man Who Only Texts Me

My thoughts are in the short video below: 

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I don't know who created this meme but I'm with them 100%. You can't get to know someone just through messaging. I can't tell you how many times I've given out my phone number to guys, only to discover they just want to text me. The same problem is with online dating. I'll give someone the digits so we can meet up and they'll stop messaging me. All that says to me is that he's playing, hiding something and is not taking getting to know me seriously.

A man who only texts is a sign of communication problems to come. I dated a guy who told me if possible, he would buy a smartphone for texting only and would disable the phone function. He hated talking on the phone. I learned down the line that he was a terrible communicator, and the relationship didn't work. 

Ladies, if he or she, is only messaging you, they're not serious. If all you want is messaging that's fine. But if you want something more, and they can't pick up the phone or meet you in person, they're not serious. In person and voice contact are priceless. We can't lose that in this digital age. 


  1. Girl YES! My husband didn't want to text me. He always wanted to talk on the phone! Haha; he thinks texting is inpersonal . That's when I knew he was def the one.

    1. Oooh girl you hit the jackpot!! Good for you. He wanted to communicate and he was SERIOUS about getting to know you.


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