Cocoa Fly Gets Interviewed

Usually I'm the one asking the questions. But tonight, Tuesday Nov. 16th, I'll be answering questions. Blog Talk Radio host and social media guru Ananda Leeke will be interviewing me on her show "Blogatique with Ananda Leeke." We'll be talking about journalism, media, my involvement with Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority and other good stuff.  Listen in at 9:30 EST and 6:30 PM/PST online. Just click here.


  1. Congrats, hopefully I will be able to listen in.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  2. Thanks Redbone. Haven't seen you comment on here in a while. Hope all is well. I like your hair in your profile pix.

  3. Jenee, you are so inspiring and it was good to see you at the SHERO empowerment

  4. Thank you Angela! I had a great time at the Shero conference. I learned a lot from your presentations. I look forward to meeting you at another event.


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