Cheers! My Birthday Celebration with the Napa Valley Wine Country Tours

After losing my grandmother a few weeks before my birthday, I really needed to celebrate life. I know she would want me to do that. This year, I decided to ring in a new year of life in wine country. My soror traveled up from So Cal to visit. This would be her first time in Napa. I didn’t want to drive so instead, we bought bus tickets for the Napa Valley Wine Country Tours.

Let me tell you something, going on this bus tour was one of the BEST decisions I made. The Napa Valley Wine Country Tours bus isn’t just any bus. It’s a limo bus that looks like a VIP club lounge on wheels. We paid $119 for an 8-hour trip, visit to 4 wineries in Sonoma and Napa counties, continental breakfast and lunch. It was worth every penny. The tastings aren't covered in the bus fare, but they ran about $10-$25. Wineries won't charge you for tastings if you buy a bottle. I recommend this for tourists and any Bay Area locals who have folks visiting from out of town and want a short excursion to Nap…

Cocoa Fly News Episode 1

Journalist and Cocoa Fly News host Jenee Darden talks to protesters at the immigration march in Downtown Los Angeles, held May 1, 2010. The show also features extra interviews from the "Free Your Mind" interracial dating seminar Darden covered last summer.
**Advanced apologies for the sound in the first-half of the show. **

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One of the only opposing voices at the march. Very bold guy. And from what I saw, people were respectful to him. Check the podcast to hear his views. He gets into an interesting debate with another marcher.
Photo Credit: Hugo

I saw quite a few "Don't Separate Families" signs.

Thanks to Hugo for inviting me out and sharing his story. Thanks to Hugo's mom for taking the picture.

Here I am interviewing women at last year's interracial dating seminar. I'm standing to the far right in a tan dress. To hear the full NPR interview go here. That may give you a better understanding of my bonus interviews. And to read my observations of the seminar go here.


  1. Hi Cocoa fly, I just finished listening to your interview on immigration and interracial dating. I didn't realize there was an immigration issue with Koreans. It never occured to me, and I believe it didn't because the focus is on Mexican immigrants. I would like to see you do a story on what's going on with the Korean immigrants. Also the interracial piece was interesting. I find that more black women are dating outside their race because many of the black men have long ago abandon black women. I say to the sistas out there to go for it, and don't look back. I'm glad that you've taken your microphone out of your bag, dusted it off, and now you're ready to give us listeners some interesting stories. Hey people start leaving POST on Cocoa Fly's blog so we can have some dialogue. I wanna know what the hell everybody out there is thinking about. I'm spreading the news about Cocoa Fly News, and people you should tell your friends so Cocoa Fly will keep bringing it to us. Keep up the good work Cocoa Fly, and I can hardly wait until next week.

  2. I personally can understand why Arizona
    feels the need to reduce the number of immigrants to their state. The illegal Mexicans have invaded their state and is using their resources that can be used by the citizens. They have bombarded the emergency rooms across the nation delivering babies that they can't afford to take care of, and as a U.S. citizen I am footing the bill. Many of the fast food restaurants hire them, and when they become managers they hire their own, and that's why McDonalds is the place for Mexicans to eat and work. Where I use to bank the line was twenty people deep with Mexican who didn't speak the language and held up the line, and I eventually had to leave. They're big consumers, and that's why the giant companies want them here, but those same executives won't have them living in their neighborhoods. The schools are overcrowded because there's so many of them enrolling their endless brood of children. They act like they've never heard of birth control, and I know that many of them are Catholics, and have been told by the Pope not to use birth control, but the Pope is not going to take care in their children because I have too. I realize that the Arizona law is racist, but if that's what it takes to drive some of them out of this country then so be it. I'm tired of seeing graffiti posted on buildings of their gang affiliates, and memorials on the side walks of their brother that was slain by their brother. And they have the audacity to protest equal rights when they don't have any rights and they shouldn't. They want financial aid to attend school, and they're not even citizens. That girl may get a PHd, but not on my dime she won't. If she wants financial aid she should wait out the process and become a citizen and then she'll be eligible. But until that happens she shouldn't get aid becauses it's for U.S. citizens. Go the the University of Mexican if you want to further your education. Welfare is for the people that are legal in this country, and not for undocumented people that's pimping the system.

  3. Anonymous is a racist talking about going back to where they came from. Where do you come from some european nation, and if you do your people have stolen more resources than any other race of people. You talk about mexicans having a lot of children, but the biggest users of the welfare system is your poor trailer trash white woman in the bible belt. She gets up in the late afternoon, takes a swig of her beer and heads down to the welfare department with her dirty face children in tow. And why not give the girl that wants to get a phd some aid. She may be able to help those maladjusted children your people have brought into the world. Your people have messed this world up, and now it's going to take a brown man to fix it.That's right, and I guess you got a problem with our president because you believe he was born in Hawaii. Well if he was I certainly don't give a damn. If George Bush's daddy could get the presidency for him than certainly PRESIDENT OBAMA can lie about where he was born. Afterall your people are the biggest liers of all. Remember the weapons of mass destruction? I ask you where the fuck are they? Oh and you talk about brown women having babies. We'll it's never okay unless it can be justified like the case of Bristol Palin. Teen pregnancy was abhorrant, but since Ms. Palin got knocked up, got an agent and will be going on the chittlin circuit, it's okay right? Your people who are the dominant force have fucked up the environment drilling for oil in the gulf of Mexico, fucked up the economy by offering home loans that were no good, put us in a war with a country that did us no harm, and you shitting because the Mexicans want a place to lay their heads. While you're sitting on your sofa eating strawberries that the Mexicans picked;and drinking coffee from the coffee beans that the latino picked; I would like to send you a message from all the brown people and that is to kiss our bountiful ASSES. Have a nice day!!!


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