Cheers! My Birthday Celebration with the Napa Valley Wine Country Tours

After losing my grandmother a few weeks before my birthday, I really needed to celebrate life. I know she would want me to do that. This year, I decided to ring in a new year of life in wine country. My soror traveled up from So Cal to visit. This would be her first time in Napa. I didn’t want to drive so instead, we bought bus tickets for the Napa Valley Wine Country Tours.

Let me tell you something, going on this bus tour was one of the BEST decisions I made. The Napa Valley Wine Country Tours bus isn’t just any bus. It’s a limo bus that looks like a VIP club lounge on wheels. We paid $119 for an 8-hour trip, visit to 4 wineries in Sonoma and Napa counties, continental breakfast and lunch. It was worth every penny. The tastings aren't covered in the bus fare, but they ran about $10-$25. Wineries won't charge you for tastings if you buy a bottle. I recommend this for tourists and any Bay Area locals who have folks visiting from out of town and want a short excursion to Nap…

Rihanna Drama &
"Fly Lady" of the Day
Tina Turner

March is Women's History Month. Funny how I haven't seen any articles arguing we don't need Women's History Month, but soon as February rolls around all the anti-Black History Month talk starts. Anyway, you know my thoughts about that.

Getting back to Women's History Month, I will be recognizing women I respect and admire throughout March in my "Fly Ladies" series. The women are entertainers, artists, activists, fictional characters and everyday ladies doing something positive. Originally I was planning to kick off the series with Josephine Baker, but this Rihanna and Chris Brown stuff changed my mind. I read the affidavit and was shocked. Not only did Brown allegedly beat and bite Rihanna, who is referred to as Robyn F. in the affidavit. The documents also reads that Brown "placed her in a head lock positioning the front of her throat between his bicep and forearm. Brown began applying pressure to Robyn F's. left and right carotid arteries causing her to be unable to breathe and she began to lose consciousness."

IF this alleged action is true, he could have killed her. Let's keep it real, he could have killed her. And I still can't believe when I hear people, especially women, say, "She probably deserved it" or "They're just young." That's bull. If Chris Brown the award-winning singer, was Chris Brown who lived off Crenshaw Blvd. by the car wash, I don't think they would be saying the same thing. I don't care how cute Chris Brown is or how well he can sing or dance. Nor do I care what Rihanna said to him that allegedly sent him into a violent rage, and that's exactly what happened-- a violent rage. What Brown allegedly did was wrong and disgusting. If he was that P'd off he should have taken her home and went on his way. Now his career is in the toilet and possibly Rihanna's.

As for Rihanna, I really wished she left Brown. Many of my friends and family warned me that she would stay. I volunteered at a domestic violence safehouse one summer so I'm not surprised they're seeing each other again. Some of the women housed went back to their abusers. I feel bad for Rihanna. She's so pretty and talented but she must not think she's worthy of respect. And I bet a lot of those people critical of her wouldn't be saying "she deserved it" if some dude put their mother, sister, aunt, daughter or niece in a head lock and was beat the crap out of them. It doesn't matter if you're a pop star or a janitor, no woman deserves this and I hope for Rihanna's LIFE and career, she moves on. They both need to move on.

You've probably figured out why I chose Tina Turner. She's one of my favorite singers of all time. This month she's a Fly Lady because she got out of an abusive relationship. She had the strength, courage, and heart to save her life and LEAVE. Now look at her. The woman lives in Europe, is in a relationship with a younger man, looks 20 years her junior and at 69 her legs are still simply the best. Ms. Tina will be 70 this year. I also must acknowledge Halle Berry, Mary J. Blige, Fantasia, and all the other women around the world who escaped abusive relationships.

I also love Tina for stepping out of the box in the 1980s and going rock. That's not a genre of music where you see black women. I remember when I was a little girl my grandmother would blow dry my hair before pressing it. I had a lot of hair so it flew all over my head when my grandma blew it out. My aunt, who was more like a big sister, would tease me and say I looked Tina Turner as I bopped around the house. I took it as compliment because even as a little girl I knew Tina was fierce.


  1. Yes Tina Turner is simply the best. And as for Rihanna and Chris Brown I have a feeling both of their careers are waning down.


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