Cheers! My Birthday Celebration with the Napa Valley Wine Country Tours

After losing my grandmother a few weeks before my birthday, I really needed to celebrate life. I know she would want me to do that. This year, I decided to ring in a new year of life in wine country. My soror traveled up from So Cal to visit. This would be her first time in Napa. I didn’t want to drive so instead, we bought bus tickets for the Napa Valley Wine Country Tours.

Let me tell you something, going on this bus tour was one of the BEST decisions I made. The Napa Valley Wine Country Tours bus isn’t just any bus. It’s a limo bus that looks like a VIP club lounge on wheels. We paid $119 for an 8-hour trip, visit to 4 wineries in Sonoma and Napa counties, continental breakfast and lunch. It was worth every penny. The tastings aren't covered in the bus fare, but they ran about $10-$25. Wineries won't charge you for tastings if you buy a bottle. I recommend this for tourists and any Bay Area locals who have folks visiting from out of town and want a short excursion to Nap…

Rihanna, You Better Think
Chris Brown and Rihanna Record a Duet

CNN is reporting that Chris Brown and Rihanna recorded a duet days after the alleged beating. Come on Rih Rih! Ladies, next time you flush the toilet think about Rihanna's career because that's where it's headed. As I've said before, staying with CB puts her safety in jeopardy. But recording a song with him is going to do some serious damage to her career. I like Rihanna's music but it would be very hard for me to buy her next album. Every time I hear it, I'll think of her getting beat up. I wouldn't be able to enjoy the music. And to some parents out there, they'll interpret her doing this duet as validating domestic violence. I don't believe she condones domestic violence, I just think the girl seriously needs counseling. She worked so hard to be on top and now she's about to mess up big time. I don't know about you my Cocoa Fly sistas but I have bills to pay, I need food to eat, and I like to treat myself to nice things once and a while. So aint no man's foolishness worth me ruining my income or career. Rihanna lost an opportunity to perform at the Grammys because of this mess. She had to cancel tour dates because of this mess. Some people are talking about boycotting her music because of this mess. How much money has she lost so far? Rih Rih, the ball is in your court now. You have to make the best choice for you NOT him. He didn't consider your well being that night when bit and punched you. Rihanna if your career does a Titanic at this point in the game, it'll be your own fault. And trust me sista, Chris Brown aint the only man on Earth. You can do better. You deserve better.


  1. I couldn't have said it better myself. Her career will be over if it's true that she's making music with that woman beater. Ladies we don't need a man who will beat us and then leave us in the streets to die. That's not love that attempted murder.

  2. ditto

    love your blog!

    alicia banks


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