Black Family Among Victims of NY Plane Crash

My heart and prayers go out to all the victims' families from the Continental Flight 3407 plane crash. Much of the news coverage on the victims has been about the 9/11 widow. I want to point out that a family from New Jersey was killed--Donald Mossop, 42, Dawn Mossop, 48 (above left), their 12-year-old son Shawn (below) along with Dawn's sister Ferris Reid,45 (above right). They were traveling to visit family in Canada. Ironically, Dawn invited her best friend's kids to tag along since Shawn was an only child. But the friend told WGRZ she declined the invitation because her family doesn't like to fly in winter weather.

The AP lists the names and backgrounds of the other flight victims. When tragedies like these happen I always try to read about the non-survivors. I guess it's my way of paying respect to the deceased. And it's a reminder that those people were someone's friend, parent, lover, child, etc.


  1. Thank you for letting us know about this family. In watching the news you would never have known they were on the aircraft. The media tends to disregard the people of color, but with blogs like Cocoa fly we know you'll keep up posted

  2. I appreciate your efforts to share the story of this family. Our prayers are with their family. It was a truly tragic event ... especially when juxtaposed against the miracle on the Hudson that took place just a few weeks earlier...

    peace, Villager


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